Saturday, October 24, 2009

Surgery, shopping and $20 a month.

Well, it's been a pretty busy week.

I had my outpatient surgery on Thursday to remove one of the screws from my ankle. It wasn't so bad. The worst part was getting there at 6 a.m. And that worked out just fine because I was first on the surgery schedule so I was done by 8:30 and out of there by 9:00.

The doctor was right. It was very minor (I just have a little band-aid on my ankle) but I still had to do the whole surgery thing...NPO after midnight, the anesthesia, feeling like crap for a day. But that is done. I've got the screw (it's not as big as I thought it was going to be) and hopefully, the doctor will turn my loose after the next visit.

My ankle is still a little sore but I don't think it's quite as stiff as it was with the screw in it..

I don't know. It might just be my imagination.


I've decided that I am going to spend $20 a month on something for someone else.

I don't know why I have made this decision. I just got to thinking about all the junk I buy and all the lunches I eat out. And I realized that I never buy stuff for other people.

So I decided that I am going to try to spend $20 a month for a treat or a surprise that they don't expect for someone else.

I started last week. I bought my friend Russell a little Mr. Coffee coffee maker.

He said he has started to enjoy coffee again.

He's a single guy who lives alone in a very small cottage.

So I bought him a nice little 4 cup coffee maker (just enough for himself in the morning.)

I haven't seen him yet but I will give it to him next week when we have lunch.

I think $20 a month is a pretty doable amount.

And it will make someone happy.


I don't get the Janet Evanovich thing.

I tried to read a couple of her books.

I tried to like them but I never could.

She is up to number fifteen now and it looks like she is running out of steam.

I think that happens when writers try to carry on a series just a little too long.

Out of 400 reviews on Amazon, her last book got 120 negative reviews.

The same thing happened to another author who I really liked, Jill Churchill.

Her last book that she phoned in was a flop and a fiasco.

People.....You're successful authors. You've worked hard and you are NOT lazy.
You should KNOW that when the jokes and quirky characters are overdone, when you can't come up with a coherent is time to move on.

Don't embarrass yourself by churning out another potboiler that could have been written by drunken monkeys.


Today? I feel fairly good. I am going to take a shower and get all this surgery related stuff scrubbed off and try to look and feel like a human being. I guess all I'll need is a band-aid on the little incision. We are going to go to lunch and just wander around in our usual aimless fashion. I wish I had something to do that actually had some direction. I don't. I would love to have a little business again but I don't know what I could do. A friend of mine makes jewelry.

I wish I had a talent or a skill like that. I would like to write or paint or travel. Oh well. right now it's lunch and the bookstore. That's good too.


Murdering little girls:

This is becoming a very sick dangerous epidemic in our country, I can't believe this has happened twice in one week, with little girls less than a mile from their homes, walking home from school or out playing. What is WRONG with people and why do we continue to mollycoddle these predators? I think the hand-holding tearful candlelight vigils are a waster of time and resources. If all these people can get together to hold hands, sing Kum-By-Ya and light about if they get out and do something? Make safe houses. Check the neighborhood. Be alert. DO something. Just get adults outside on the routes to school. I don't even LIKE kids but this is sick and deeply disturbing.



Okay..enough is enough.

I have to think seriously about getting out and getting everyone fed.

And I have to figure out what I am going to wear.

Crazyfriend will be here to look after everyone so we can go out.

Countdown to the Missy Good hat:
26 days

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