Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Quest for Chicken Salad


Here's the deal. It's been an interesting week. Our broadband modem died and the computers have been down for about 4 days. Hubby was having withdrawl symptoms. I didn't really care that much. I figured it'd be back up when it came back up.

I was supposed to go to the Dog Agility Trials held here last Friday. I completely lost interest in going and I begged off so I wound up going to a funeral instead.
And the funeral wasn't really all that bad.
Going gave me the chance to take my new car on a little road trip, which I have been wanting to do before I go to Florida in a couple of weeks. It was a very easy, pleasant 80 mile drive on a lovely flat, straight interstate. Once we got there, the funeral service was thankfully short and sweet and we (I went with Crazyfriend) got out. We chose not to go to the graveside service (I don't mind the church service but I draw the line at the graveside stuff). And we went to a really neat place. I loved it (although I won't tell Crazyfriend that). It was a funky little place called "Bac-In-Time";. It's an old house that has been made into a Christian coffee house, local art gallery and restaurant. The place is just lovely, beautifully furnished. The owner was a little too talkative (I really didn't want to know her life story) .And I could have done without all the local renditions of "Laughing Jesus" It was really funky and fun. They had absolutely yummy chicken salad which led to my chicken salad quest today.

I got to thinking about it and I could only think of one place around here where you can get a really good chicken salad sandwich. We used to go there a lot (it too is a funky, artsy local place) but they raised their prices so much that it's not worth going there anymore.
So I set off to find chicken salad.
One place I knew I could get good chicken salad was a local college bar called Salty's.
That's where I went to lunch. They have a very tasty chicken salad plate (I know, it's technically not a chicken salad sandwich but it was chicken salad....). And it's only $4.79. That was what I had and I enjoyed it very much.
But then I got to wondering if I could find better chicken salad.

I went to a place called The Fresh Market. High end, expensive gourmet market. They have a variety of chicken salads. I chose the rotisserie chicken salad. I brought it home and made myself a chicken salad sandwich with white bread, a very fresh tomato and Miracle Whip. I even bought the same gourmet chips that they served at the "Bac-In_Time" place. I had it for "dinner" which kinda broke my stomach because I don't usually eat dinner. But was it better than the "Bac-In_Time" or Salty's??? Not really. If I want to drive 80 miles, I would have to go back to "Bac-In_Time". If I want to stay here I would have to go to Salty's

So now, my stomach is broken, I need an Alka-Seltzer and I'm just not sure if we have any really good chicken salad around here.


garnett109 said...

Glad your computer is up and running!
I always felt that homemade was the best.

salemslot9 said...

plop plop
fizz fizz