Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This lottery ticket is defective, I want my $5 back.

Okay...yesterday I did something I rarely do anymore. I spent $5 on a single lottery ticket. I found a new game on our state's lottery website and I thought okay, what the heck. I have an extra $5 and the odds seemed pretty good. You get 18 numbers and out of those 18 you only have to hit 4 to get back $7. The odds of that were 1:11. So I thought okay. for $5, I will give it a try. Once.
Well, much to my great disappointment, when I checked the numbers this morning, not only did I not win anything....I did not hit a single number out of the 18. And to make matters even worse....there was a string of 4 numbers that were all exactly ONE NUMBER OFF from the ones I had.
That seems rather unfair. What I think is that there should be some kind of a default win....if you hit zero numbers out of all those possibilities, you should get $3 back.

Maybe then I would be willing to try again.

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