Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do not mess with my driver's license.

For a long time, I couldn't understand why "older" people got so twitchy about their driver's licenses.
I know all the explanations....it's your freedom, your independence. And you don't want to lose that.
But it really hit home these past two weeks when I suddenly realized that I was one of those "older" people and I was the one getting twitchy about my driver's license.
Next month is my birthday and I didn't even realize that my license would be expiring until I got a notice from the DMV telling me that I had to renew. At first, I was greatly relieved when I thought I could just fill out a form and send in a check and get a new license. I didn't even have to fill out the side of the form that required an eye doctor's report because I am not 62 years of age.
So after putting it off for a week or so, I filled out the form, sent in the check and waited.
And waited. And waited some more.
No sign of my new driver's license and I was getting twitchy. Worried. Concerned.
Then I finally got a letter from the DMV. I said to my husband "Oh good this must be my new license". But when I opened the letter, I only found my check and application had been returned with a very official letter from the friendly folks at the DMV telling me that I had to come in to renew my license.
Arrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!!! Panic. Worry. Hand-wringing. Twitchy. Concern.
What was I going to do??? Would I pass the eye test? Would I get my new license??
I had to show up in person at the dreaded DMV.
So yesterday, I mustered up my courage, took the Jeep and headed for our little local DMV. I went there because it is a very small office, as opposed to the big ones downtown.
It is usually not very busy.
I got there in the Jeep (i love the Jeep) and I went inside.
And I asked the lady at the help desk what I needed to do.
And what a remarkable surprise.
The place was not at all busy. And the help lady was so polite and kind.
I only had to give her money ($25 to be exact) and I didn't even have to fill out any more forms. She just used the form they had returned to me.
She then proceeded to give me the eye "test" which took about 15 seconds and consisted of me reading one line of numbers that were about the size of a billboard (3 5 9 4 5 2 3 8 7 5 1).
After she was finished she gave me a little paper number (E402) and told me to sit down and wait until my number was called.

Well, since there was only one young woman sitting in the waiting area I figured that probably wouldn't be too long. And I was right. I just had a second to sit down before they called 'Now serving E402." and I went right up to the nice lady at the driver's license exam window,
She too was sweet and kind and very helpful. It took about five minutes to sign all the papers and get my receipts. She took a new picture for my new license. Now instead of looking like a surly biker chick, I look like I just got out of bed and my hair is standing straight up.
And after waiting just a couple if minutes more, the nice examiner lady presented me with my shiny new driver's license. All official and all renewed. I was in and out of the DMV in about 15 minutes and everyone I spoke to was kind, polite and helpful.
And my new license good for 10 years!
That's right. 10 years for coming in as opposed to 5 years for renewing it online.
That means I won't have to do this until I am 70 years old and I will probably be dead by then so I won't have to worry about it.
10 years. Woooo hooooo!
And y'know what's funny?
My motorcycle designation transferred right along with my renewal so I can legally drive a motorcycle in the state of South Carolina until I am 70 years old.
I was so relieved.
I got my new license and I am not feeling at all twitchy anymore.


garnett109 said...

Renewal in Pa. is every 4 years

Anonymous said...

I HATE going to the DMV!! It is one of the most awful experiences of adulthood!! So glad that your visit went well . . . and the aaarrrgggghhh part captured it all. xo

Sunny said...

Our DMV is actually very small and seldom crowded.
And the people are friendly.
Whoda thunk it?

Anonymous said...

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