Saturday, April 11, 2009

Please get angry with the right people for the right reasons.'s happened again.
Another fit of righteous indignation.
I just wasn't up to it so I called her on it and of course, CrazyFriend got mad at me.
It's just another episode in her life that is spinning out of control to the point where she is trying to grasp at controlling (however inappropriately) the few things that she is still able to control.

Last week, we drove to Augusta, GA (right exactly where the Master's is being held). No problem. Augusta is not far from here and it is not an unpleasant drive.
We went there to take CrazyFriend's precious 50 year old camera to a camera repairman who specializes in repair and restoration of old film cameras.
No problem. We dropped the camera off but only after a long discussion of what would happen to the film that was stuck in the camera. I suggested that the film would just have to be sacrificed in order to repair the camera (It's that "Greater Good" thing....).
Crazyfriend said she was okay with that but if it was possible she'd like to have the film saved. Okay, no biggie. The man was very nice.

Well yesterday I called Crazyfriend just to say hello and she what was going on. She had gone to Augusta to pick up her camera. And she was beside herself. She told me she was positively "LIVID" (her words.) She was ranting and raving about how unprofessional and sloppy and inconsiderate that camera repair guy was (she loved him when we dropped the camera off). She said she was afraid to even try the camera and she didn't even know if he'd repaired it properly (I mean she was on a TEAR!)
So I said well..exactly what did he do that was so awful and tacky and sloppy and unprofessional??? I mean this was a very nice man in his 60's with a very nice little office and a narrow niche of a business (and a very nice web site))
What was the big deal? He returned the WRONG ROLL OF FILM WITH HER CAMERA.

She ranted and raved, saying that she thought he was acting funny and slightly suspicious when she picked up the camera.
So I couldn't take it. I called her on it.
I wasn't going to be supportive and sympathetic.
This man seems to be an honest small businessman who probably made a perfectly innocent mistake. He didn't deserve this.
SO.........I said "Look..this is ridiculous. This man had absolutely NO reason to do anything with your precious film (which probably has 50 pictures of the neighbor's cats on it. Just CALL him and tell him there was a mix up. It is not worth this kind of rant and this is ridiculous." She hung up on me.

Go figure. CrazyFriend has a con man living in her house who is driving her cars and spending all her money and she doesn't get angry enough to throw him out. But she can go off on a major tear about a perfectly innocent businessman who made a simple mistake.
She can go nuts if her french fries are overdone or if there is a dead possum in the road.

But the BIG stuff?
She can't confront it.
Give me a BREAK here, Crazyfriend.


garnett109 said...

Have A happy Easter!

salemslot9 said...

maybe, they were photos
of the con man...

Anonymous said...

Oof. Yikes.