Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Felony French Fry Smuggling...

Well, okay I did it.
I admit it and I am not sorry.
I went to my favorite burger place (Five Guys) this afternoon for lunch and I smuggled in McDonald's french fries.
My husband was worried that the French Fry Police might catch me and arrest me.
But they didn't. I got away with it and I'm glad I did.
Here's why:
I LOVE Five Guys burgers.
They are yummy and my favorite lunch.
The problem is with their french fries.
Their fries are very good BUT they cost $2.29.
That changes my $5 lunch to an $8 lunch.
Plus they give you entirely too many.
The serving size is HUGE.
Now, that is great if you are there with someone to share but if you're by yourself, there is no way you can eat all of them.
I decided to try smuggling in a small order of fries that I could enjoy with my delicious burger.

It worked very well but I had to be discreet.

I went to McDonald's and got a 99 cent order of fries.
Very small. very tasty.
I took them out of the McDonald's bag and carefully wrapped them in a napkin and slipped them into the pocket of my jacket. Zipped it up.

I ordered my burger, sat down in a quiet corner.
When I got my burger, I simply took the fries out of my pocket (yes, they were still warm..)
And I proceeded to eat them quiet happily along with my delicious hamburger.

It was perfect.
I had just the right amount of fries and I was VERY happy.

YES... I am guilty of Felony French Fry Smuggling and I'm glad I did it.


Woody said...

Good Job on the Fries, I probably should do that also, UMMHHHH, "French Fries" and Burgers!!!!!

salemslot9 said...

I read on another blog that 'Five Guys' makes a good burger

garnett109 said...

Now try smuggling a five guys burger into Mc donalds

Leigh said...

Lol. I like garnett's idea.
I don't get Mc D. french fries unless they're very fresh and very hot!
:) Leigh

Lori said...

That reminds me that "phone police" episode of WKRP In Cincinnati!

I'm glad you got to enjoy your meal the way you wanted it!

I like Garnett's idea too!

Anonymous said...