Saturday, April 4, 2009

It Wasn't The Lunch, It Was The Company.

Well, I tried, I really did but it was pretty much a lost cause.

Yesterday was CrazyFriend's birthday.

I couldn't spend a lot of money but I had planned on taking her out to a really nice lunch and give her a small birthday present.

But her life is becoming such a disaster, we couldn't even enjoy her birthday.

She has agreed to look after her "friend's" elderly, sick dog.

The dog can't stay at home with her owner anymore for a variety of reasons so CrazyFriend is trying to take care of the dog at her house.

The dog has to be walked every 4-6 hours.

And the dog has to be taken care of and fed.

And Crazyfriend is trying to do it all.

By getting up at 4 a.m. every day.

And taking care of her cats.

And going to the gym at 6 a.m. three days a week.

And catering to her abusive, passive-aggressive, freeloading "boyfriend". (A homeless, jobless, manipulative con man who is living in her house, driving her cars and spending all her money).

And doing everything else in between.

It's getting rather sad.

We met yesterday at 11:30.

CrazyFriend showed looking like something the cat coughed up.

She was disheveled, exhausted, barely able to put together a coherent sentence.

Her hair was a mess, she was wearing jeans and a rumpled shirt and the old windbreaker that I bought her at the Goodwill Store for $2.00.

She could not make a simple decision, even about where to go to lunch.

I gave up on the expensive lunch idea and we went to a nice little sandwich place.

I have her my sorry little birthday gift and then she went on back home to walk and feed the old sick dog.

It was very sad. A very sad state of affairs for a vulnerable, gullible, naive 60 year old woman who only a year ago inherited a beautiful house, 3 cars and close to 7 figures in cash and assets. Now she wants to get a job at WalMart.

Then later last night, she called to tell me that the car that has been a money pit for the last 4 years needs a new $3300 transmission.

Happy Birthday, Crazyfriend.


garnett109 said...

Happy Birthday Crazy friend

salemslot9 said...

it's the thought that counts

Lori said...

Well, I guess you may be the one good thing still in her life.