Sunday, March 1, 2009

Praying in Restaurants

Praying in restaurants and dressing like idiots.
Interesting the kind of things you notice when you're just killing time and trying not to be bored senseless.
I went into town for a little while today, just to attempt to maintain my sanity.
I stopped at Five Guys (my favorite place for a really good $5 lunch).
Even the though it was a Sunday, it wasn't terribly busy because of the awful weather we've been having and I couldn't help watching the people who were there.
Saying Grace In Restaurants:
I don't know about that.
Do you have to hold hands and pray out loud?
I mean grace is nice and all but is it absolutely necessary when you are out at a restaurant?
Maybe it's just me and my cynical views of religion but holding hands and praying out loud over your hamburger just seems to be overdoing it a little.
I don't know.
Dontcha think God KNOWS you're grateful for your $3 hamburger.
Don't make a big deal of it.
And how stupid can people be about the way they dress?
Now keep in mind we have had two solid days of cold, nasty, wintery rain.
Not a drizzle, a DOWNPOUR, turning to sleet with gusty winds.
I couldn't help noticing at one table there was a mom and two daughters.
The daughters looked about 14 and 11.
The mom was dressed reasonably for the cold nasty wet weather.
She had on a turtleneck, a warm jacket, jeans and boots.
The girls, on the other hand were bordering on absurd considering the weather we have been having.
The older one had on tights, a tiny little skirt, a long sleeve light weight T-shirt and little strappy shoes with kitten heels.
The little sister had on a little short skirt, a light weight sweater and sandals.
What happened there?
Did the daughters insist on the totally inappropriate outfits?
DId mom say "Okay if you wear that, you are going to freeze, so don't complain?"
Then another group came in.
Two grown men wearing nothing but dress slacks and dress shirts.
Pouring winter rain, wind and 38 degrees.
Didn't you look outside before you left the house?
Don't you believe the weather forecast?
And a lanky teenage boy in a T-shirt and shorts and unlaced tennis shoes that looked two sizes too big.
And then the coup de grace.... a grown man walking in wearing a T-shirt, a black nylon jacket and those GOD AWFUL pajama bottoms that lately everyone seems to think are okay to wear in public.



Just a few idle observations while I was trying to kill a couple of hours to maintain my sanity...and have lunch.


Leigh said...

You had a very interesting lunch!
My nephew is one of those who refuse to dress for the weather. He came over the other night in knee length shorts and red flipflops-idiot!

I enjoy people entertainment.

:) Leigh

Woody said...

Nothing wrong with saying grace either at home or in public, We Do!

salemslot9 said...

God can hear
when you pray
Satan can't

garnett109 said...

I wear my pj bottoms while taking debbie to work.
People watching is my favorite sport.

Lori said...

Ah! People watching! You just can't beat it for entertainment, can you? Regarding praying in public, our family always say a prayer, whether in public or not, but not out loud. We say our prayers in a restaurant silently, and there is no hand holding. My kids do it out of habit, because we taught them to say a prayer before every meal, even if we aren't there. Regarding, the clothing, well, I would guess those young girls were dressing to be seen, not to be warm. But I have to admit that I get warm very easily and get headaches because of it, so I often don't dress as warmly as others around me. And I often don't wear a coat or jacket when I go inside a store because I know I'll get too hot and will have to take it off. I would have one with me in the car, though, and would wear it in the restaurant where I could take it off. Regarding the pajama bottoms, I am so with you on that one! I hate seeing anyone wearing them, but I have never seen a man wearing them before. I think that would have to be the most ridiculous thing ever! Great entry!