Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm Rotating My Jeans.

Okay... I don't quite know why I am thinking about this right now but it seems as good as anything.
I have come up with a solution for always taking the same jeans out of the closet.
This fall, I tried on all my jeans to make sure they fit.
The problem is, when they are hanging in the closet, I always seem to take the same pair out and wear that one pair over and over again.
So what I am doing now is taking out a pair, wearing them but NOT putting them back in the closet.
I wash them, fold them up and leave them on the bed.
I do that until ALL my jeans are out of my closet and then I start over again.
It works VERY well/
Hubby had his outpatien surgery on his hand yesterday and it was a total BITCH>
Never , ever, EVER schedule an elective surgery for 5:00 in the afternoon.

The nurses were excellent, the surgery went well but:
We did not get back from the hospital until almost 9:00, I was exhausted and had a horrible migraine.
Hubby was loopy on pain medicine and he has a dressing the size of a catcher's mitt on his right hand.
He is doing better today but his hand still hurts.
We were going to go to dinner tomorrow with some friends but we canceled that.
It's no fun going to dinner with a dressing the size of a catcher's mitt on you right hand.
We are just going to stop by for coffee and dessert in the afternoon.
That's it.
Today was very pleasant.
I met CrazyFriend for lunch (that is a whole other story).
We had a nice treat when we went to lunch.
The manager of the restaurant where we go frequently said "Merry Christmas..lunch is on the house." That was very nice of her.
Then we shopped a little.
I was quite surprised. There was NOT much traffic at Fashion Island at all.
It was more like a very busy Saturday.
Wally World on the other hand was MOBBED> You couldn't get near the place.

I drove to the Fresh Market and picked up our fancy cake for tomorrow.
That place was busy but frankly. I have seen it worse.

And I stopped by the Goodwill Store (a little Christmas shopping there too).
I actually found a pair of blue jeans for $1.oo and a nice peach tank top.

Oh...I also got a cute T-shirt at Christopher Banks. It has bears on it.
I love their t-shirts. I wish I had one in every color. I must have a dozen.
They look nice and they wash beautifully.

That was it.
I had a nice enough day (any day with a free lunch it great!)
Hubby seems to be feeling a bit better.
And frankly., I am just about ready to go to bed.
I ate too much today. One of those yucky :p days.

Cookie is not feeling well at all.'
She asked to be put up on the bed and she went to sleep.
I think the antibiotics the vet put her on are upsetting her tummy.
She is going to have her dental work done on Tuesday.

That's it.
It's Christmas Eve.
Yet another one.


Woody said...

Merry Christmas, Gods Blessings sent your way.

garnett109 said...

Peace To All
Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year