Monday, December 22, 2008

Is there actually something to this???

Okay..this is kinda weird.
We had our Solstice celebration yesterday.
We went out and had yummy Solstice cheeseburgers and bought out lottery scratch-offs.
We only got 70 because hubby insisted on buying me a very nice three-wheeled golf cart for $100 (it was very nice of him) so we got a few less scratch-offs instead of our usual 100.
As we were walking out of the convenience store where we bought the tickets, a dollar bill blew right up under my boot out of nowhere.
When we got home, after dinner and after it got dark we TRIED to have a bonfire (but it was just too windy to really burn anything safely).
We just burned a little bit.
I wore my magical scarf for luck, good fortune and prosperity.

When we came inside, I burned a little incense and we did our scratch=offs.
I did all of mine (35) and out of that I actually got back $34!
That is like 99% return so I basically broke even, which is pretty amazing on scratch-offs.
Hubby hasn't done all of his yet. He saved a bunch to do later.
I don't know........???????????

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garnett109 said...

With that dollar that blew under your foot you did break even so i guess that was lucky?