Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Michael Jackson Memorial

Okay, okay.
I watched it.
I really hadn't intended to but hubby was out for the day, I had the TV to myself and I was just surfing through.
I clicked on it, thinking that I would be cynical and have an opportunity to grumble about it.
I am not a Michael Jackson fan.
But interestingly enough, I wound up watching almost the entire thing.
At first, it seemed a little surreal.
It was VERY tastefully done, it was not over the top and I think the church-like atmosphere in the Staples Center was pretty amazing.
You could hear a pin drop.
The talent was heartfelt and the emotions were raw.
The big egos were all put aside and the people who were up there on the stage seemed open and honest in their love, their loss and their grief.
I am not a Michael Jackson fan.
But I must give credit to a pretty amazing memorial.
Crowds were well behaved and respectful.
And there was a unique wliingness of intensely private people to share very personal, intimate feelings with everyone who seemed to genuinely love this man.
The tears were real.


garnett109 said...

no comment on mj

Anonymous said...

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