Sunday, November 30, 2008

"You'll Never Believe What I Did"

Well, yesterday totally sucked. You won't believe what I did....or then again you might. kinda started with burning my big sauce pan to a total crisp when I got on the computer and forgot about the rice I was cooking. (At least the smoke detectors didn't go off but the pan was a total loss)
Crazyfriend wanted to come over and visit the animals. Since it was absolutely POURING with rain and hubby did not want to go anywhere, (we went out every single day this week, Cookie went to Day Care 3 times and he wanted a break) I asked her to come out here and pick me up. When is it raining steady like this I don't like to take the Jeep out because I wind up with two inches of water in the back windows will do that.
So she said fine, she wanted to go to Michael's Craft Store to buy some teddy bear clothes for a Christmas teddy bear drive her church was having and to Target for some small Christmas items. The church asked them to pick an age (toddler, baby, small child etc) boy or girl and then make a cmall Christmas box for a child.
I said fine because I wanted lunch and I needed to buy a new pan, as long as she would come and pick me up so I wouldn't have to take the Jeep. started out with lunch. Instead of going to 5 Guys like I really wanted, I let her pick and we went to Cracker Barrel. Mistake, It wasn't what I wanted and lunch pretty much sucked. It was too much food (even though I only ordered Beans & Greens) and I felt awful from there on out.
Then we went to Michaels. They have lots of doll and teddy bear clothes but of course, Crazyfriend has to AGONIZE of the choice. Uncharacteristically, I picked up a really cute pink stuffed kitten, put a blue sweater that said "Angel" on it and got it. It was adorable and I gave it to Crazyfriend to donate to their teddy bear drive. (Yeah, yeah I know it wasn't a teddy bear but it was very cute.) I also paid for Crazyfriend's teddy bear sweater since she paid for our lousy lunch. Ugh.
After Michael's we walked over to Target in the pouring rain/. There is was HELL>>>> She of course could NOT decide on an age group and once I steered her towards toddler stuff, she kept buying and buying stuff. I pointed out to her that this was just supposed to be a little Christmas box but this was CrazyFriend's typical overcompensation.
While she was going overboard with that, I looked at the pans. Didn't see anything I liked but I did find a $3.98 movie (I am Legend with Will Smith) and a package of gel pens.
Well, we got out of Target with her buying $35 worth of stuff (including my movis and pens..I figure if I had to go through that hell, it was worth $5). She insisted we go back to TJ Maxx (I hate TJ Maxx) to look for a pan there. So back we went and although they had a zillion pans piled and stacked everywhere, they just did not have what I wanted.
So......we took the big leap and headed for Wally World. Hopefully the crowds and the stampeding had thinned out by now and nobosy would get kille.
It was just as bad. The store wasn't so crowded and they had the kind of pans I wanted, I just could not decide on which one to get. They had cheapy ones for $10. expensive ones for $25. I chose the middle one for $16. And I am happy with it.
But we wandered around Wally World, looking at blankets and sheets and touching stuff. I was getting tired and annoyed and irritable. I had my pan and I wanted to LEAVE>
So we did. On the way back, CrazyFriend wanted a hot chocolate so we stopped at Starbuck's (I HATE Starbuck's but that's where we get hot chocolate.) And then we headed on home.
Ugh It was nearly 4:30. Things deteriorated from there on out and the rest of the evening was a total loss. I had a POUNDING RAGING SCREAMING BLINDING migraine and I went ahead and took an Imitrex right off..I just didn't feel like struggling with it. I asked hubby to feed Persimmon and 5:00 and of course he forgot. I went out in the rain and fed her and at 6:30.....I just gave up and went to bed.
You won't believe it. It was awful.
What a terrible day.
A typical day with CrazyFriend.


garnett109 said...

Wow, What a day!

Amber said...

sorry to hear it was such a tough day!

Lisa said...

You should know better than to try to go out in pouring rain with a crazy friend, you are doomed from the start!

Nice to see an entry!