Sunday, November 16, 2008

One holiday behind.....

I have decided that from here on out, I am going to be one holiday behind.
I went to the commissary and the day after Halloween, all of the big bags of Halloween candy was marked down to $1.00.
I bought 3 bags.

I went to WalMart.
They had really cute Halloween t-shirts with little appliques on them.
They were $11.00 before Halloween. Then they went down to $7.00.
Then I went again and they were $3.50.
Yesterday, they were $1.00.
I bought one.

Now I am going to wear my Halloween t-shirt with the cute ghost on it for Thanksgiving.
If I can get a Thanksgiving t-shirt with a turkey on it for $1.00, I am going to wear it for Christmas.

Then, after Christmas, I will buy Christmas candy and a t-shirt with a Christmas tree on it for $1.00.
I will wear it for New Years.

I will buy a New Year's t-shirt and wear it on St. Patrick's Day.
I will find a St. Patrick's Day shirt with a leprechaun on it the day after St. Patrick's Day and wear it for Easter.......

I am going to live my life one holiday behind from now on.
Think of the $$$$ I will save.


Beth said...

Sounds like a great plan. Just shows you how much they mark that stuff up!

Leigh said...

It sounds like a plan to me. And fun! I do hit the stores for the day after candy sales. Keeps me in chocolate!
:) Leigh

garnett109 said...

I love it!

Lori said...

You might just start a new trend! lol I think you skipped one, though, didn't you? Valentine's Day?