Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This Blog is Going on Hiatus

Okay..here's the deal:
I had a really bad weekend.
Things did NOT go as planned and I had (and I will use this term reluctantly because I HATE it) a bit of am emotional "meltdown".
I was exhausted and disappointed in myself.
I have kinda had it for a while and I just need a break.
I realized that it's not always easy to do the things you want, no matter how much you think want to do them.
And I was overwhelmed by WalMart.
I realized that we are completely surrounded by STUFF.
Useless, unnecessary, pointless stuff that we really have no need for in our lives.
We are overrun by stuff and things.
I am taking a break.
From blogging.
From the computer
From ranting about CrazyFriend.
I just need to clear my head.
I'll be back, eventually but I just need things to settle down in my head.
I will be taking a much needed sabbatical.
I have had it with stuff.
I need a rest.
My brain needs to cool off.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Living In Bizzaro World

Well, I had lunch with CrazyFriend today.
I wanted it to be pleasant and I was trying to help her out.
She wanted to take her car (a classic 1972 Chevy Nova) to our mechanic.
And I wanted to take her to lunch for her birthday.

Once again, I thought we could have a simple, pleasant day.
But it NEVER seems to work out that way.
And apparently, my husband has figured out why.
She is living in Bizarro World.

The things that make perfect sense to her (in Bizarro World) infuriate me.
It makes me go ballistic.
I TRY not to, I really do.
But hubby is right.
It is Bizarro World.
Black is white.
White is black.
Nothing makes sense when you are trying to have a conversation with someone who is living full time in Bizarro World.

The issue, of course, is the controlling, isolating, manipulative generally nasty guy that she has allowed to live in and totally take over everything she own.
This is the charmer who is isolating her from her friends and family.
Driving her other (and much newer car). Spending her money.
Controlling her life.
He brings less-than-reputable seedy characters ("the guys") to her house in a very expensive, upscale neighborhood so they can take showers and get their laundry done (which she does).
She has no control over who he brings over and has no idea who they are or what they are doing.
But I guess that's the way it is in Bizarro World.

She has to sneak around him because if she wants to do something, he goes ballistic.
Even though it is her money or her car or her house or whatever.
But I guess that's the way it is in Bizarro World.

Trying to have a reasonable, rational conversation with her (if you don't happen to be living in Bizarro World) is frustrating at best and virtually impossible at worst.

I am supposed to have lunch with her again tomorrow.
I will TRY not to go ballistic.
I will just keep repeating "Bizarro World".

I am talking to someone who is living in Bizarro World.

Bizarro World
It is Bizarro World.
Bizarro World.

Black is white.
Yes is No
Up is down.
Nothing is as it seems.

HUBBY WAS RIGHT (now what part of Bizarro World is that??)

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Four Things

The Four Things I Want To Buy This Month:

1) Small Coleman cook stove (PX) $34.95
2) Small bright Coleman lantern (Dick's Sporting Goods) $24.95
3) 10x12 Ground tarp (PX) $12.95
4) Small Pick axe (Home Depot) $23.95

I am going to go rockhounding at a working mine. And I am going on at least one camping trip,