Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This Blog is Going on Hiatus

Okay..here's the deal:
I had a really bad weekend.
Things did NOT go as planned and I had (and I will use this term reluctantly because I HATE it) a bit of am emotional "meltdown".
I was exhausted and disappointed in myself.
I have kinda had it for a while and I just need a break.
I realized that it's not always easy to do the things you want, no matter how much you think want to do them.
And I was overwhelmed by WalMart.
I realized that we are completely surrounded by STUFF.
Useless, unnecessary, pointless stuff that we really have no need for in our lives.
We are overrun by stuff and things.
I am taking a break.
From blogging.
From the computer
From ranting about CrazyFriend.
I just need to clear my head.
I'll be back, eventually but I just need things to settle down in my head.
I will be taking a much needed sabbatical.
I have had it with stuff.
I need a rest.
My brain needs to cool off.